Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Mädchen, die am Wege liegen (1976) aka Je Nässer umso besser - Hardcore

The world of high society and beautiful girls, hallow parties, caviar, champagne, loaded with a high tension erotic atmosphere. The guests are bodypainted and countless men and women are fumbling around in a hot mass orgy. Lesbian Lisa takes Sally home but does not know who is behind the mask, will she find out who she's satisfying?

Sex shows where guests mingle and in the middle of all of this the shy and goodlooking Jeff who wants to take part but doesn't really trusts himself to do so. He starts off with his friend Tom on a "squirt" tour through the Alps and they pick up one girl after another. Jeff is the driver and Tom gets his way with the girls. Only when they come across Sally, Jeff makes his wishes come true. Meanwhile one of the "used" girls has stolen the car and falls into the hands of a sadist. Being chained she is handled by the sadist in a folterchamber. Jeff goes looking for her when and enters the wrong room where he stumbles across a fat guy who's giving his sex-doll a treat. Sally however, is still dreaming about her lesbian girlfriend. She calls her and it ends with a thrilling double phone-orgasm.

Je Nässer umso besser

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