Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

Brigitte Lahaie Collection: Je brûle de partout (1979)

Wacked out Jess Franco film, which he shot in six days and it's obvious he didn't spend an hour on a script. A young woman (Susan Hemmingway) is kidnapped and forced to work in an orgy show but it turns out her daddy own the slave ring. It's clear this was a film Franco didn't have any money to make so he pretty much filmed anything and that anything is basically couples rolling around on the floor naked. Hemmingway is easy on the eyes as usual and Brigitte Lahaie, who went on to be Jean Rollin's lead actress, is also hot. Daniel White's brilliant jazz score keeps things going better than they should.

Dossiers mineures
Rapt de nymphettes


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